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Canyengue Festivalito in Crest (26) France, 31 August-2 September 2018!

Who still believes that Canyengue is nothing but a dusty old tango impossible to dance in a Milonga?

Get rid of prejudices! Come and meet our Canyengue! So powerful so playful and nevertheless so elegant that you will want to dance it whenever you get an opportunity... which happens in any Milonga, wherever you go!

Jenny & Guy's Canyengue Festivalito 2018...

We have been working on Canyengue and dancing it ever since we discovered Tango almost 20 years ago.

You will discover a really fantastic way of dancing Tango on a great range of pieces of music... you will improve your "ground anchoring", your rhythm perception, learn or improve your space management in the milonga by dancing with heaps of delightful little rhythmical figures, and you will considerably improve your Milonga....

Want to try?

Have a three day immersion in a very nice part of France, very near the Rhône Valley.

Canyengue, Milonga,Tango and holiday! Don't miss it!

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